Flight head


Gyrostabilized camera remote system FLIGHT HEAD COMPACT

The COMPACT HEAD provides the stabilized solution for your production needs ensuring very stable and smooth images. It is one of the most lightweight and most compact stabilized remote heads on the market. COMPACT can be used on any type or size of camera crane, camera car, cable support, telescopic crane and helicopter mount.

Fully operational in the sitting or hanging mode.


  • Head Rotational Axes
    • Pan: 360° (± 5 rotations), 120°/sec.
    • Tilt: +50°-230°, 120°/sec.
    • Roll: ± 38° max; Steerable or auto level, 60°/sec.
    • Head Weight 22 kg Max.
    • Camera Weight 30 kg.
  • Stabilization Specs
    • 3 axis or 4 axis high bandwidth full stabilization (depending on version of the Compact)
    • Autohorizon Stabilized through 25-1200 mm zoom lens range
  • Head Control
    • Wheels, joystick, panbar
  • Environmental
    • -30° C to 35° C
    • Sealed for rain, snow, mud etc.
  • Power Requirements
    • 24-28 VDC 1,5A standby, 15A max Generator, battery, AC
  • Setup Time
    • 40 min
  • Cameras Accepted
    • Arriflex, Moviecam, HI-DEF, RED,etc